The Supernatural Power of Tears: Turning our Hearts back to the Father, that will challenge you to pursue the face of God unlike any other time in your life. THIS BOOK IS ABOUT REVIVAL! It’s about brokenness and contrition, it is about falling back in-love with Jesus. In this hour, we no longer need authors giving us “self-help” principles that enhance and posture-up our flesh, no, we need works like this one that call us deeper, … deeper repentance, deeper faith, and deeper love. WARNING; this book will not allow us to settle into mediocrity and carnality; it will take you higher! Come on a journey as the author Derrick M Snodgrass Jr. reveals the heart of the Father through biblical references, along with personal supernatural encounters including his trip to "The tear room in Heaven!" Enjoy the deep revelation given by the Holyspirit and let hunger be ignited deep within your soul for more of GOD!

The Supernatural Power of Tears