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You Can Run But You Can't Hide
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Imagine getting a hard word from GOD, a word that was not favorable or desirable, and trying to escape the presence of God to forfeit your calling. Fleeing his presence, you hop on the on the first excursion out of town, ending up in one of the worst storms imaginable,  thrown overboard into a raging sea, and swallowed by a whale. This is exactly what happened to Jonah! So many times, we disobey God and end up frustrated because we are out of alignment with the will of God and we end up compounding our problems. This is the second sermon in our "Agreeing with GOD" series; peace and purpose come when you come into agreement with God's plan for your life.


A Deeper Meaning of Communion
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The Lord's Supper, The Lord's Table, The Lord's Ordinances, Communion, The Eucharist are a few names given to this sacrament that is a holy symbol and celebration of our faith. Put your thinking caps on as we dive into a deeper meaning of what the Lord was trying to convey when he said, "EAT MY FLESH, AND DRINK MY BLOOD (John 6:56)". This was a hard and strange request to the Lord's disciples, and at the conclusion of the text, it says that many of the disciples followed him NO MORE! We must learn to have unwavering faith in God that is not based on conditions or our own understanding. This sermon is a must-have for those who desire to go to a deeper and more intimate level in God.


The Church Has Left the Building (Part 1)
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The Church Has Left the Building (Part 2)
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The Church has left the building is a relevant word to this generation. It's cutting edge and out of the box and a commission to every believer to go into the world and make disciples. This is a call to evangelism, that every believer has a mandate to share the good news. We can no longer sit in the four walls of the church—we have to go out and be the church! Our bodies are the temple of God, and our lives are living sermons! This is a word of empowerment encouraging every believer to rise up and take their rightful position in the KINGDOM OF GOD!


I'm Turning My Pain Into Motivation
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We all experience pain in life—heartache, loss, and disappointment. Suffering is a part of the human experience. When you're in the depths of it, it can be hard to see how you can ever recover from your deep pain. The idea that you might one day be grateful for your disappointment and hurt seems unthinkable. We get to decide whether we will take the opportunity and grow, or if we will let it consume us. Through this sermon, learn how to take the fiery trials of life and not let it destroy you, and instead, let it mature and develop you! Take that same fire and let it ignite your passion and be the fuel that catapults you into success! Turn your pain into MOTIVATION!!


The Power of Prayer
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Jesus said whatever you desire when you pray, believe that you receive it and you WILL have it! Prayer is one of the most powerful weapons afforded to the believer, and often is the most neglected. Let's go into the word as we unpack and discover just how powerful prayer is!


The Power of Right Connections
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Connections are key in Kingdom advancements. God has created us to build relationships, but we have to be careful not to link up with the wrong people. Yoking up with the wrong connection can be fatal to your future, but yoking up with the right connection will accelerate you into your place of purpose! This is the second lesson in our series, "Realities of Right Relationships." This sermon breaks down the life of David and Johnathan, and how they were covenant connections to each other. When God is about to take you into your place of purpose, he will bring a Johnathan into your life, which means, "Given by GOD!!"